What is the ASP ?

The Australian Sovereignty Party is an organisation like no other.  

We are not just another political party attempting to dilute the political playing field with singular issues.  We are not a party vying to “somewhat reform” existing laws or practices.  What we are is an organisation offering a very comprehensive policy platform and strategy that will profoundly alter Australian life as we know it today!

This entire present-day economic and social order within which we function as a nation of individuals, families, workers, entrepreneurs and businesses, is premeditatedly designed to suppress our fundamental rights to enjoy true prosperity, freedom, health and enlightenment.  The affliction of taxation and regulation are like chains weighing us down, so that every step we take is encumbered and the ability to prosper can only be attained by a select few.

The desire to seek out the truth is being discouraged, just as our educational standards are ever being lowered.   Our ability and freedom to express free thought has been inhibited by political correctness, media driven taboos and an educational push towards conformity. Our interest and engagement in issues of great social and economic importance have been replaced by bread and circuses so as to cloud our vision and  judgement.  We can no longer even perceive or discern the bondage that we have been born into. 

The modern medical system and pharmaceutical based approach to public health has utterly failed. Cancer rates skyrocket across the board, autism, intellectual disabilities and psychological problems are becoming the norm.  Allergies, diabetes, heart disease and so many other chronic diseases are reaching unprecedented levels.  People live in fear of the ever growing possibilities that they or their children will be struck down with one of these life altering diseases.  Instead of asking the question as to why all these health problems are increasing in the first place, and what we can do to reduce or prevent all these diseases, we blindly accept that the modern pharmaceuticals dominated health care industry will always offer a pill to treat the symptoms but never give us the cures we seek, even as our health continues to deteriorate.

We have been giving up on traditional family values and no longer honour and respect our elderly.  We have lost faith in the law to uphold true justice.  We are ever cynical and mistrusting of our governments, yet we continue voting them back in!  We all secretly wish for positive, tangible change and hope that our lives will improve, yet we do nothing nor know how to effect that change!


If you are looking for answers, if you are seeking a solution, your search is over! 

Come now, be wise, take this journey with us and

Join the Australian Sovereignty Party!


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Our Vision

The Australian Sovereignty Party believes that Australia should be a united, democratic

and sovereign nation - standing on a firm foundation of truth, freedom and justice for all.

The ASP is:

Better for workers than Labor.

Better for business than the Liberals.

Better for farmers than the Nationals.

Better for the environment than the Greens.

Our desire is that Australia should become the most highly educated in the world,

not the most highly regulated in the world!


The Australian Sovereignty Party is offering to the Australian community the gift of unprecedented wealth and prosperity. By promising to implement our simple tax and monetary system that has been lauded by leading international economists and monetary experts (like award winning author and documentary film maker Bill Still) we will completely reset and rewrite the existing onerous tax policy, a policy that for too long has economically stifled and enslaved the public!

Our economic model is one that will see the abolition of about 125 existing federal, state and local taxes, fees, rates and levies. The 8000+ pages of taxation code will be torn up. There will no longer be a need for time consuming and costly tax compliance. Prosperity, wealth and freedom will become so pervasive; Australian’s will quickly become the wealthiest and happiest people on the planet.

A Single Fair 2% Tax.
We will implement a Debit Tax at a flat rate of 2%. This new tax will replace all existing taxes - such as the income tax, the GST, council rates, fuel-excise etc... The Debit Tax is not only fair, but it is easy to understand and to implement. Best of all – we can generate over $320 Billion a year more than is currently generated through the existing complicated and burdensome tax system. Be advised; do not be quick to dismiss this claim until you have read our policy in full. To date, no one in academia has been able to comprehensively disprove that our policy works using official stats and figures!

Honest Money.
We will implement an Honest Money system. This will allow the government to "create and spend into circulation on infrastructure" all forms of our national currency (i.e. notes, coins and digital currency). Presently, only notes and coins are created for the benefit of the government. By implementing this policy alone, even if you kept the existing tax system - GDP will increase by 10%, government debt will be eliminated, personal debts can be reduced and taxes could be cut. The $120 billion+ of additional annual revenue that is generated from this policy will be in the form of seigniorage, and will be earmarked exclusively for infrastructure developments.

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