We are rapidly approaching the time when we will all be held accountable for the results of our collective mistakes.

It is my experience that while ever we post blogs and discussions, photos and videos and start separate organisations to protest about the status quo, all our efforts will FAIL.

The Elite are UNITED, well organised and they work TOGETHER. Whilst there are comparatively few of them, this is their advantage over us.

When they act, they act as a UNIT and all parts of that unit work to support each other. The proof of this lies in the fact that we find it so difficult to cohere. We are embedded in a system that suppresses our efforts to unite at every turn, in every way.

Whilst it is good to see a plethora of organisations springing up everywhere on Facebook and many other social platforms, all of them are working AGAINST each other because their efforts do not pull in a singular direction.

I read over and over the words of Master Hilarion - written in the 1920's and see that this wisdom STILL applies:

The great crying evil of the present age is the seeming impossibility of uniting in one effective organization the various bodies of people who are working for the same end. There is invariably a manifestation of the Judas or Thomas force in each body, which betrays and doubts, and finally disrupts, and in the process piles up barriers between its own body and all others.

If all could unite, if it were on but a single indisputable principle, the history of the world would be changed in the twinkling of an eye.

But the work of the Disintegrator goes on, and will finally develop a species of madness, when all men will be striking blindly at everything and every person in sight. When that period is over, then will come this other period of which I have spoken, a time when heart (love) hunger will dominate all other desires and then will it become possible again for God to speak to man in the Silence.

It is my most heartfelt hope that this network will become that "effective organisation".

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Success in any endeavour depends on the degree to which it is an expression of your true self. Ralph Marston

Building something new and exciting takes time and careful planning. It also takes a solid foundation from which to begin.

As I read each ASP policy one thing jumps out at me. At the heart of each policy is people. All people, not just the privileged, not the political elite, not special interest groups, not ideology. It's about people.

So we can say without doubt that People are the "foundation" of the ASP.

Every "foundation" then is only as good as the structure reinforcing it. That reinforcement must be sound, well thought out and properly explained and explainable policy. That policy then becomes the reinforcement that will strengthen the foundation for the weight of a electorate hungry for change.

While there maybe some compulsion to dive headlong into an election now (and there maybe some opportunity do so in some seats) there needs to be care that the ASP's foundation is properly reinforced.

Once that is achieved then there is inner belief in what is being done.


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