How To Get Unlimited Downloads On Cheapest Internet Plan

Hi guys and girls.

Since yesterday when I signed up with Avira for the Vpn (virtual private network) while surfing the net no downloads were registered with my ISP.

Cost is $80 per year.

Additional benefits are:

- You are invisible to any snoopers because you dial from foreign country.

- Any previously blocked sites become instantly available.

You can have a free trial with Avira with 1gig of downloads. That's how I started to prove it to myself.

I use them for great antivirus also.

Also if it hasn't been for Vpn, You wouldn't see this post.

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Since it is your ISP that sets the limit on your download quota, how is it possible to get unlimited by going through Avira ?

Checking network connections on my computer shows multiple networks:

-Home network- connected, internet access

- Public network- no internet access.

My guess is mt ISP cannot see I'm connected to the third party network.


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