Australian Originies

Please note, the ASP is seeking guidance from the Indigenous Elders and the community in formulating this policy.

As you can appreciate undertaking consultations with the many and various tribes and the community will take quite some time and must not be rushed.  We are working to build a consensus with the whole of the community on how we should move forward on this often divisive issue.
We all want what is best for Australia moving forward and consultation with all affected parties is the only way to achieve this.
So we therefore ask that you be patient whilst we speak with all relevant people involved and approach this policy from a united position.

Concerning the title to of the policy Australian "Originies", it is not a typo.  As a party that promotes knowledge, education and truth, and the proper use of language, it is important for people to understand the correct etymology of the word "Aboriginal".  The Latin prefix "ab", means "away from", or "not", as it is used in words like abnormal (not normal), absent (not present), abstract (an idea, a thought, not having physical existence).

The word Aboriginal technically means not original, or away from original. There are many moving within the Indigenous community who are currently educating their fellow native Australians to this fact, and many now do not wish to be labelled as being "not original".  Of course, in common parlance, people do not use the word aboriginal to mean anything other than native, but recognising that these words were created by colonists long before Australia was settled by Europeans, to attempt to disassociate the natives from the land, for justice to be done, we have to learn to use the correct terms when speaking of the first nation peoples.

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