Citizens Service Scheme

.Citizens Service Scheme

The Australian Sovereignty Party would like to institute a unique Citizens Service Scheme designed to help train and equip young Australians for the future, to encourage community harmony, Aussie mateship and national pride, and to help improve both the nation’s defence capabilities and environmental health.

It is intended that the Citizens Service Scheme be primarily targeted towards school leavers as a unique “gap year” program.  We will highly incentivise and inspire school leavers to participate in the one year Scheme in order to encourage as many young Australians as possible to join.  We hope that in due course, it will become a matter of public and personal pride to have participated in the program, one that the community actively encourages all young Australians to complete as part of being a good citizen.

The Citizens Service Scheme will revolve around the following three different opportunities or programs through which a person may contribute to and serve the Australian community for the one year service period:

1). Australian Defence Force

2). Environment Corps

3). National Fire & Emergency Services Corps

There are many reasons why we would like to institute this Citizens Service Scheme, but the following two reasons will have profound and far reaching positive consequences for society:

Social Coherence, Team Spirit and Mateship.

We believe that all young Australians whether first, second or third generation, coming from such a diverse range of cultural, ethnic or religious backgrounds will benefit from the opportunity to unite together in an environment designed to build trust and friendship with each other. 

With concern for growing ethnic and religious tensions in the community, spending one year full time in a close-quarter melting pot whereby young Australians learn team work, trust and interdependence, social, cultural and ethnic barriers quickly break down as we learn that we are all human beings working towards common goals.  With respect to the diversity of culture, this is the best way to promote social cohesion and bring about community harmony and peace.  We learn that Australia comes first and foremost, and we learn to be loyal to one another as fellow Australians.


Respect, Discipline, Initiative and Pride.

Mature age Australians often comment that the youth of today lack proper respect or discipline.  Whilst that may be a generalisation, it is true that many young Australians could benefit from a regimented program designed to instil self-discipline, honour and respect.  Being subject to strict authority, but also learning to take leadership and demonstrate initiative, young Australians who complete any one of the three service options will quickly mature into well rounded adults and good citizens that understand the meaning of hard work, commitment, self-respect, discipline, national pride and love of country.

The Following outlines the three service options:

1). Australian Defence Force (ADF).

As a matter of national sovereignty, it is our policy to provide a significant boost to our defence capabilities.  As part of that increase, the permanent full time ranks of the defence forces will be enriched by the addition of tens of thousands of young Australians though the Citizens Service Scheme.  The enrolees will all undertake the relevant basic training depending on which of the three services within the ADF they have selected, followed up by additional training to equip them with the specific skills required depending on the roles they are most suited to. 

The ADF already has a “Gap Year” program, but some elements such as remuneration will be modified in line with the principles and incentives of the Citizen Service Scheme.  Once the one year service program has been completed, some may be given the option to permanently join the ADF, whilst others will be encouraged to continue on as reservists for as long as they wish.


2). Environment Corps

This is a unique and innovative organisation the ASP wishes to establish, so a little more explanation is required here.  The Environment Corps will be a diverse organisation tasked with restoring, protecting and improving Australia’s natural environment.  Young Australians who wish to will be able to spend their one year of service to the community learning new skills that will equip them as stewards of our natural environment, for the good of all Australians.

A disciplined but exciting training program that promotes physical fitness, team work and involvement will see the new enrolees learn theory and gain practical experience to engage in such activities as horticulture, and the establishment of community vegetable gardens with respect to permaculture and agroforestry. They will learn how to prevent, mitigate and clean up pollution, litter, toxic spills and other disastrous environmental contamination using cutting edge technologies.  They will be actively engaged in the control / elimination of invasive species both flora and fauna.  They will work to restore and protect Australia’s waterways, rivers, lakes and coastal regions.

One of the primary missions of the Environment Corps will be to undertake the largest tree planting campaign the world has ever seen.  The Australian Sovereignty Party would like to reverse the desertification and salinisation that continues to ruin more and more of our native land.  With the right funding, equipment and people power required to tackle these issues, the Environment Corps will work to reclaim the deserts, and make Australia greener than ever before – particularly as we undertake to build giant water pipelines and drought proofing infrastructure as per our monetary / infrastructure policies.

Young Australians who elect to join the Environment Corps as part of their Citizens Service will be proud to be involved in making our country cleaner, greener and safer for future generations.  They will learn new and useful skills, make life-long friends, and get in touch with nature, which is so important since society has become so urbanised and have by and large lost our roots to the earth. Members of the Environment Corps will be encouraged to continue to participate on a part time basis (a few weeks a year) after their one year of service is completed.

3). National Fire & Emergency Services Corps

With a combination of training along the lines that the Fire Brigade, Country/Rural fire service receives, and that of the State Emergency Services SES, enrolees will learn how to control and fight bush fires, learn a diverse range of search and rescue skills, and get advanced first aid / paramedic training.  A regimented and intense basic training program will be designed to equip enrolees with all the necessary skills and knowledge, physical fitness, discipline and team work in order to become proficient at fighting fires, assisting in emergency disaster relief, evacuation, and search and rescue operations whether on land or at sea. 

After their training is completed and in times of relative inactivity, enrolees will participate in nationwide control burns to help prevent disastrous bushfires, and the creation or maintenance of fire tracks / fire breaks, and the clearing of power/transmission lines.  As our international neighbours request our help to assist in natural disaster relief operations, those who volunteer from the Corps can be sent on overseas missions to provide aid and relief.

Members of the National Fire and Emergency Services Corps will be encouraged to continue on a part time basis after their one year of service is completed.  A few weeks a year to act as a refresher, to upkeep their skills, renew old friendships, and to always be ready to be called upon at a time of need. 


The Incentives and Benefits

All school leavers who elect to undertake the one year Citizens Service Scheme to serve their country, will be provided with a basic allowance (which will be easy to save), but will have all their accommodation, food, clothing, travel expenses and equipment provided for at the public’s expense. It is intended that for the majority of the one year program, regardless of which of the three options are selected, the enrolees will live away from home in a communal type living arrangement (in separate bedrooms), to facilitate social cohesion, team work, friendship and unity.  Appropriate respect will be given to gender.

Once the full year of service is completed, the participant will receive a grant of $50,000 held in trust until one or a combination of three options are selected with which to use the funds.  The first option will be to use the money towards the cost of any tertiary education which can include university, TAFE or any other RTO that provides licensing and other qualifications.  The second option will be to purchase all the legitimate tools of trade (which may include vehicles/trailers) whilst undertaking a recognised apprenticeship.  The third option will be to use part or all of grant money towards a deposit on a home. 

We believe that this method of remuneration will help to establish young people in the modern workforce, set them up so that they can be successful and pursue their dreams, and not become bogged down with too much debt at the start of the new adult lives.  The training, skills, motivation and discipline they learned will also equip them to tackle and deal with any of life’s problems as they prepare to start their new lives.  We foresee that the scheme will also help to reduce depression, suicide, anxiety, and lawlessness amongst Australian youth.


Additional Information

Whilst the Citizens Service Scheme is primarily intended for school leavers and young Australians, the scheme may also be used to help address any joblessness, although our Tax and Monetary policy will most likely bring a quick end to any unemployment.  What will likely happen, for those few Australians, young and old alike, who are perfectly capable of working but who refuse to participate, believing they can continue to sit around and collect the dole, they will be cut off from any benefits.  They will have no option but to find a job (which will be very easy under the economic conditions brought about under an ASP government), or they can join up and participate in the Citizens Service Scheme.

Concerning disabled young Australian school leavers.  We would like to offer all Australians the opportunity to serve the community and be proud to have contributed.  Where possible, arrangements will be made to allow the disabled to complete their one year of service by creating suitable roles/tasks and appropriate training schedules that will allow them to participate.   

Concerning immigrants.  We will seriously consider requiring all new immigrants up to the age of 40 to participating in the Citizens Service Scheme after having spent at least 2 years in Australia.  As per our immigration policy, these immigrants would already had to of learned to speak English proficiently, so they will be able to properly participate in the program.  This will be a great way to help them to integrate into the Australian society and culture, and give them more motivation to truly adopt Australia as their home, so that they can be proud to be an Aussie.

As a final note.  Whilst the Citizens Service Scheme will be voluntary for all school leavers, we strongly believe in the benefits it provides, not only for the individuals involved, but for society as a whole.  The scheme helps to address a number of societal ills, and will greatly strengthen the community.  Therefore, beyond the incentives offered to attract young school leavers to participate, we hope that in time it will become accepted by the whole community as the right thing to do, part of being a good citizen.  It will become a matter of national and personal pride to have completed your service to the people.

With over 250,000 Australian school leavers per annum, depending on the percentage of young Australians who elect to participate, we estimate that the cost of running this scheme will be in the order of $35 to 40 billion per year.  This program is fully budgeted under ASP economic policy, particularly as this scheme will help bring about major savings in welfare expenditure and unemployment benefits.

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