Defence and Foreign Affairs

Defence and Foreign Affairs.

“Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us.”  - John F. Kennedy

Because the Australian Sovereignty Party is fighting to restore and uphold the sovereign and independent nature of our nation, it is critical for us to maintain a Defence Force that has a strong capability to protect our population from hostile threats without having to rely totally upon foreign allied powers – although our main strategy is diplomacy with all nations first and foremost.  It is not however, acceptable that our safety is secured by other powers, particularly when those powers are participating in unjust wars.

It is the goal of the Australian Sovereignty Party to maintain a capable full-time Defence Force, whilst encouraging an increase in Reserve Force personnel by way of our Citizens Service Scheme. As Australia is an island nation, with vast coast lines to survey, defend and protect, this nation should have a world-class, high-tech Defence Force to complement our ability to repel any potential threat.

Only a strong, sovereign and free country can truly protect the rights and freedoms of its population, and we should do everything within our power to ensure Australia can stand strong and prosperous even during times of world financial crises.

Australia shall be primarily accountable for our own defence. To achieve this, we propose the following:

  • Our first line of defence is to maintain good, friendly, diplomatic relations with other nations by “fair” trade, diplomacy and by setting a good example worldwide in economic, environmental and educational standards.  We should have no foreign entanglements.
  • We will greatly expand the defence force budget from the current level of $49 billion per annum, to $105 billion per annum. (See ASP budget)
  • Develop and expand our own capacity to design and manufacture weaponry and other military equipment that we shall need to defend Australia. We must not be totally reliant on other nations to furnish us with the military hardware and ammunition that we require.
  • All decisions to go to war should be the prerogative of the people via a referendum, and should not be decided by a handful in Parliament.
  • Australia should never be subject to any foreign/ international treaty or agreement that puts restrictions or controls on our economy, our environment, social, health or education policy, or that dictates anything at all regarding how we choose to function as a free nation.  Politicians should never be pressured into doing anything against the better interests of the Australian people. That is what it means to be a democratic, independent, and sovereign nation.  In this regard, the ASP will immediately pull out of the TPP, cease participation in the UN Agenda 21, withdraw from the LIMA agreement, and any other treaty or covenant that binds Australia in any negative manner.
  • To end Australia’s financial contributions to the UN that is being re-distributed in areas not supported by tax-payers.
  • End all foreign aid via re-distribution of tax-payers’ money, and encourage personal or private charities to fill this void. Charity should be a joyful act; not a forced act.

“Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations...entangling alliances with none” Thomas Jefferson

“If it's wrong when they do it, it's wrong when we do it.”  Noam Chomsky

“He who wishes to serve his country must have not only the power to think, but the will to act” Plato

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