“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” - Benjamin Franklin 

The Australian Sovereignty Party believes in an education system that will enlighten our understanding about the world today, our politics, history, health, economics, rights and justice, obligations, and so many other important areas. The ASP will strive for public enlightenment, empowerment, and a level of education that that shall be the envy of the world.

More than any time in history our children are being taught to conform and to not to challenge anything. They are not learning how to think for themselves (to critically analyse information), and to have a spirit of genuine inquiry into all things. Our young ones are losing the capacity to independently reason and logically debate issues of importance.

Schools are a place for open learning, and not the place for political agendas or indoctrination. We believe schools should be rewarding students that excel, and not be rewarding mediocrity. Teachers that demonstrate a great level of commitment and exceed their KPI’s should also be remunerated accordingly. We must continue to improve the literacy and numeracy standards of our students.  But above all, our students need to be equipped with a strong knowledge of law, justice and basic political systems, and be imbued with a hunger to uphold our fundamental rights and liberties as sacred.

Thus, establishing the world’s best educational system for Australia is a paramount concern for our Party. If the public are not well educated and informed, we lack the knowledge, discernment and attentiveness required to hold our government to account, and to uphold our inalienable rights and freedoms. 

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” – Plutarch

As such, it is imperative that we act to raise the general educational standards across Australia.  Over many decades, Australian scholastic standards have been incrementally lowered in line with other western nations.  To illustrate the point, please view this report that provides an example of an exam given to year 8 students in the US, from the year 1895, an exam which many year 12 students of today would struggle to complete even with the use of calculators and iPads. 

We believe that the entire architecture of our educational / schooling system should be entirely overhauled to reflect modern methodologies and provide a more individualised education for young Australians.  Please view this short video that illustrates why we need to change our perspective and approach to learning.  


To improve our educational standards, the ASP proposes the following:

  • Increase funding for all schools, increase wages and hire more teachers to bring the student to teacher ratios below 15 to 1. Teachers who demonstrate their dedication, passion, and ability to teach well should be remunerated accordingly, just as students who excel should be rewarded and encouraged.
  • Provide equal funding for private schools.  Parents who wish to send their children to a non-government run school also pay taxes, and deserve an equal level of funding for their children. More importantly, encouraging a plurality and diversity in educational models, curricula, philosophical, ideological or religious approaches, is important as it creates a more rounded society, out of which creativity, discussion and debate can lead to better systems, technologies and ideas.  Creativity and debate is stifled when conformity and conventionality is enforced.
  • Decrease the level of involvement of government in the curriculum. The government should have some limited oversight and set some of the guidelines, but experts should form the material and curriculum for public schools.  The ‘one size fits all’ approach should be avoided.
  • Any attempts by teachers and/or schools to force conformity of opinion, such as through Hegelian dialectic techniques, Neural Linguistic Programming, through manipulative peer pressure tactics, or through intimidation, will be met with disciplinary measures.  The majority is not always right, in fact, history shows us that often it is those in the minority who are in the right.  Any student that holds to his or her view/ philosophy /religion in the face of majority peer pressure to conform should be commended for their integrity and bravery.  The rights of Faith based schools that encourage students to participate in lawful religious activities will still be upheld.
  • Raise the required standards for teachers. It is unfortunate to find that many teachers themselves cannot spell. We will offer teachers incentives to undertake a Masters in Education.
  • Encourage middle age and senior Australians who have real experience in the work force and life skills, to take up a career in teaching.  Full training for these mature people will be provided, allowing them not only to teach, but to impart their wisdom and life experience into young Australian students, whilst also being able to demonstrate practical application of the subject matter they are teaching. We believe that if former engineers, scientists, doctors, nurses, nutritionists, sports people, trades people, ex-police or military, writers and journalists, historians, geologists and so forth, if they were encouraged and incentivised to take up a teaching career, the benefit for our young students will be immense.
  • Provide greater resources and support for home schoolers, which may include permitting home schooling groups/associations to book in groups of their children at times to utilise some of the facilities and teaching resources at public schools, such as for metal/wood work classes, and art, music and media facilities.
  • Require that all students are taught about their fundamental rights, and also understand their obligations and responsibilities as citizens. Furthermore, they should also be taught about the basics and fundamentals of law and procedure, and political systems. It is vital that our children are imbued with a working understanding of the true nature of politics, the law and our constitution, so that they are equipped as citizens to defend and uphold truth, freedom and justice, and prevent this nation from heading down the road to tyranny as so many nations before us have fallen.
  • Schools to encourage a healthy lifestyle/ environment for our students. Schools should teach nutrition, good health practices, and physical fitness to students as part of the required curriculum. We will also encourage schools to have the students participate in the growing of organic/biodynamic fruits and vegetables on school grounds, and then have the students partake of this produce as part of their school lunches.
  • As a result of our taxation policy, an abundance of manufacturing jobs will be created. It is important that we invest more in our technical schools and provide trade skills and other tertiary education for people wishing to enter the workforce as qualified technicians and tradespeople.
  • Tertiary education will become much more affordable due to a $50,000 grant made available for any Australian who has completed their one year of Citizens Service.

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