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Quote: “A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people”.  Franklin D. Roosevelt


Having a natural, healthy, vibrant and pollution free environment is essential to the health and longevity of all creatures - not least of which includes you and your loved ones.

While the ASP acknowledges that all wealth emanates from the earth, as custodians of the earth we have a duty to use, manage and conserve our natural resources in an intelligent manner, so that our children will thank us for its continued diversity, health and abundance. To irreversibly strip and pollute the earth for temporal riches is the height of stupidity and folly.

The Australian Sovereignty Party stands for true environmentalism.  A true environmentalist is concerned with issues that cause real, quantifiable and often irreparable injury to the natural ecosphere, which results in measurable harm to all living organisms causing ill health, mutations and irreversible genetic damage, death and deterioration.

Real pollution includes various particulates that cause smog, and lead to respiratory diseases. Some industries are guilty of releasing unhealthy particulates into the atmosphere, but the primary source of particulate pollution arguably comes from vehicles / transport powered by combustion, which include road, sea and air.  Not so well recognised are the known health problems caused by electromagnetic pollution, which must be further studied and where possible, mitigated.

Other troubling sources of ecosphere pollution includes the dumping / release of toxic, chemical, radiological or otherwise harmful waste into our waterways, soils, oceans and atmosphere, which include but is not limited to non-organic pesticides and herbicides that may runoff from farming, non-treated water used in mining, and any other wilful or accidental release of harmful substances into the environment.  Also of great concern is the potentially irreversible genetic pollution being caused by the uncontrolled release of GMO’s into our environment, both of genetically modified plant life and living species such as fish and cattle. 

Therefore, to ensure we can restore and preserve a clean, toxic free, healthy natural environment in which all living organisms may be healthy and thrive, the ASP will implement the following as part of our Environmental Policy:

1). We will introduce a ZERO tolerance policy regarding industrial environmental pollution.  All businesses engaging in manufacturing, processing, mining, power production and farming will be required to implement mitigation measures to prevent any release of harmful pollutants into the environment.

A period of grace will be given to allow companies to install or introduce technologies and or techniques to clean, capture or prevent any harmful substances from being released into the environment.  Where necessary, loans will be made available to companies that do not have ready finances to afford these mitigating technologies or processes. After this period of grace, any business, company or corporation caught negligently or wilfully releasing harmful substances into the environment will incur very heavy penalties.

2). The ASP will rewrite the law such that company directors and CEO’s can be held personally and criminally liable for wilful or negligent environmental damage.  Penalties will include any one or a combination of prison time, community service, heavy fines and public apologies.

3). We will impose an immediate moratorium on the use of GMOs, and then thoroughly test all GMOs for long term safety.

4). As part of the mission carried out by our Citizens Service Scheme “Environment Corps”, we will fund the largest and most extensive tree planting and soil desalinisation campaign ever attempted by any nation, to green our deserts, and clean and restore our natural environment.

5). As part of our Monetary, infrastructure and energy policies, we will fund the total roll out of residential solar systems with battery backup.  We will heavily invest in renewable, sustainable and non-polluting grid scale power plants that include photovoltaic and thermal solar power plants, geo-thermal, hydro-electric, wind, wave and tidal generators, backed up by grid scale UPS/power storage systems which include large thermal, battery and fly-wheel based power storage technologies. We will also put to referendum the use of 4th generation Thorium cycle power plants that are inherently safe, clean and efficient.

6). We will work with industry to research, develop and introduce environmentally friendly bio-degradable packaging for all household consumer goods, processed foods and other regular store bought items.  For example, foods traditionally packaged into cans, jars or plastic wrapping will be packaged into newly developed mass-producible bio-degradable containers/pouches that can maintain a hermetic seal.

7). Encourage consumers and businesses to move away from the use of harmful toxic chemicals used in cleaning, towards eco-friendly chemicals that readily break-down and are harmless if or when released into sinks and drains or into the general environment.

8). Promote organic, bio-dynamic and permaculture based agronomy at the farm, community and individual dwelling level, free of harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides.

9). Encourage the cultivation and use of industrial hemp - in over 50,000 different ways.

10). Maintain strict particulate emission controls over existing internal combustion engine based vehicles, whilst requiring fuels to be cleaner. 

11). We will heavily invest in an Australian battery electric vehicle industry, whilst developing and or securing intellectual property rights to better battery chemistries that are both environmentally friendly, and which will allow vehicles to have extended ranges beyond 1000km per charge.  As part of this venture, we will invest in the roll out of rapid charging stations that can be located in shopping centre and local council run car parks, road houses along major highways, and any other appropriate and convenient locations.

12). For the good of humanity and the environment, we maintain the sovereign right as a nation to sue greedy corporations for release of intellectual property that has been acquired and deliberately shelved, intellectual property that includes clean and efficient power generation and storage technologies, advanced propulsion technologies, and any other technology and or process that can empower humanity and free us from the reliance on anything leading to pollution, the use of unsustainable materials, and or environmental degradation. 

We will either compulsorily acquire the intellectual property rights, or demand that said corporations begin licensing these technologies for production for reasonable compensation.  We will no longer allow corporations with special interests to deliberately withhold these advanced technologies from humanity in order to maintain monopolies and keep profiteering from existing polluting technologies, such as on anything requiring the combustion of oil based fuels.

13). We will require all aircraft, including international airliners coming into Australia, to burn clean aviation fuels that do not cause the release and spread of toxic particulates into the atmosphere which may fall to and pollute the ground and air we breathe.  Jet fuel particulates may also be causing condensation trails to linger far longer in the atmosphere than would otherwise be the case, due to water vapour condensing onto the particles, and thereby generating cloud banks that may be causing unwanted climatic disturbances.

14). We will impose an immediate moratorium on fracking and coal seam gas mining until we can determine precisely if and or how much environmental harm may being caused by such mining techniques.

15). We will investigate all known powerful sources of electromagnetic frequency pollution for their potential health effects on humans, animals and the environment, such as that produced by transceiver / communications towers.  We will ensure power consumers can opt out of smart meters if they wish.  We will research into the use of alternative information transmission technologies, frequencies and power levels that may reduce potential harm whilst improving service reliability and communications.  We will invest into developing cost effective faraday type insulation that can be retrofitted into residential and business buildings that may be exposed to excessive EMF, to help mitigate long term exposure.

16). We will promote and encourage the use of sustainable and energy efficient building materials such as the inspirational new building systems developed by Kotocorp. 


It is worth noting that with all these initiatives, all of which can and will be fully funded due to the ASP tax and monetary policies, that CO2 emissions will be greatly reduced.  In fact, human CO2 output will be reduced far beyond that which any other Australian political party, including the Greens party, will be able to accomplish.  This rapid reduction in the CO2 generated by human activity (which represents only a fraction of overall production of CO2 caused by nature itself) will occur as a natural result of these policies, without any carbon tax being necessary.

The ASP makes no specific statement or has no specific policy concerning CO2 except to say that we will not be taxing it, or implementing any carbon trading schemes.  However, any and all who are concerned with anthropogenic CO2 output should support the ASP as the party that will in fact bring about the greatest reduction in CO2 possible.  Australia will likely become a "carbon neutral" country under ASP leadership.

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