ASP Health and Longevity Policy

ASP Health and Longevity Policy

Quote: “If people let government decide which foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny”!   Thomas Jefferson.

We believe that the ASP could, given the opportunity, demonstrate a better solution towards raising the standard of public health, right across the board.  In consideration of the skyrocketing health issues plaguing modern society, such as the ever increasing rates of cancers, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, asthma, allergies and other auto-immune dysfunctions, chronic diseases, neuro-degenerative diseases and more, one could argue that modern society is more unhealthy than it has ever been, despite all the billions we spend on modern medical research and pharmaceuticals.

The Australian Sovereignty Party believes that our model for public health will swiftly reverse these unhealthy trends, improve the overall life expectancy of Australians, and reduce our dependence on the prevalent pharmaceutical based symptom management medical treatment industry.  We will do this by focusing our attention and resources to promote a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing, to concentrate our efforts towards a more preventative and pro-active system of health and wellness management.

The best way to improve the overall health and longevity of the nation, is to improve the health of all the individuals that make up the nation.  To do that, we must first educate the public on what is truly required in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.  Secondly, we must create an environment that improves access to, and uptake of all the health promoting and immune boosting essentials needed to stay healthy and prevent disease.  And third, we must also work to reduce, or where possible eliminate all the environmental pollution, toxins, chemicals, food additives, beauty product ingredients, and any other substance known to cause disease, cancer, or otherwise lead to immunosuppressive and negative health effects.

Therefore, the ASP will implement the following measures and policies to improve our nation’s health:

1). We will legislate to ensure the following 2 basic medical rights are upheld:

a) The right to be fully informed. Individuals have the right to be fully informed about the food they eat, the water they drink, the air they breathe, and the medical efficacy and side effects of medical treatments they accept.

b) The right to choose. Individuals have the exclusive right to choose what they ingest or inject - and no government or agency has the right to make that decision for them, or to influence that choice by way of financial incentives or penalties whether for themselves, or for their children.

2). Basic health care will be provided completely free to all Australians young and old, including basic dental care.  Free means no Medicare levy. The ASP will generate more than sufficient revenue via our tax and monetary policies to adequately fund the public health system with no direct cost to the public.

3). We will increase the number of qualified hospital staff and funding for public hospitals, and therefore significantly reduce times spent on the patient waiting lists.  We will significantly increase funding for all emergency ambulance services.  We will ensure that hospital staff are remunerated appropriately for the wonderful yet at times unappreciated difficult work they do.

4). Funding will be provided to allow people free access to a range of “alternative” medical/health practitioners that are appropriately qualified and licenced such as naturopaths, nutritionists, osteopaths and chiropractors.  Funding will be carefully monitored to ensure that no practitioner, or patient abuses the system.

5). We will provide funding for free yearly in-school health and dental check-ups to be performed for all students up to year 12. Basic dental work will also be provided free where required, and where parental consent has been obtained for the work to be done.

6). As a major ASP health initiative, we will institute and fund a unique school nutritional program.  Every child from kindergarten through to year 12 will receive a free daily nutrient drink in the form of a ‘prima’ juice type beverage, which will be distributed to the children every morning by the teachers, and can also be made available to home schoolers. 

This tasty, high potency broad spectrum nutritional drink will include plant derived organic bio-available vitamins and minerals (including up to 60 trace mineral elements), essential fatty acids, pro-biotics and digestive enzymes, phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants, immune supporting herbs and chelating and anti-parasitic ingredients (such as food grade diatomaceous earth).  A range of suitably modified versions will be available to meet the nutrient needs of children who may have various allergies.  These nutrient drinks will also come in a variety of sizes and formulations to meet the growing and changing nutritional needs of children as they get older.

There is compelling evidence that a program like this will result in highly significant health benefits for young Australians, including but not limited to a massive reduction in childhood illness such as common colds and other respiratory diseases, cancers, diabetes, obesity, sport injuries and more.  There is also evidence that this program will result in children being more attentive and focused in class, yet will have more sustained energy throughout the day.

7). We will subsidise the cost of quality plant derived, bio-available organic nutritional supplements which can be “dispensed” by all health practitioners, and we will encourage the whole community to regularly take these supplements to boost their immune function, reduce chronic illness and morbidity, and improve their overall health.  We would like to see healthy school children who have become accustomed to taking daily nutrient drinks to continue that habit well into their senior years.

8). We will encourage all Australians to be physically active and avoid sedentary lifestyles.  As part of that physical activity, we will encourage community wide involvement in the growing and cultivation of organic vegetable gardens that will be established all around residential areas, streetscapes and public parks.

9). We will encourage everyone to consume healthy foods, and urge people to avoid unhealthy junk foods, highly processed foods, carbonated sugary drinks and any other food or drink linked to poor health. This will also be the case for school canteens where only healthy foods will be available. We will also encourage the use of natural beauty and hygiene products, to avoid dermal uptake or inhalation of harmful chemicals and substances that can cause cancer or other health issues.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”!  Hippocrates circa 460-377 BC.

10). We will encourage, and if necessary, subsidise commercial and local farmers to grow organic / bio-dynamic produce, to meet all of Australia’s local food needs, and to be able to export across the globe. 

11). As part of our Environment and Citizens Serve Scheme policies, we will work to eliminate or reduce all environmental and food based toxic substances, GMO’s, pollution, particulates, additives and other chemicals and EMF that have been shown to cause negative health effects, such as suppressing immune function, causing allergies or otherwise contributing to any illness.

12). We will immediately ban public water Fluoridation, in line with most other countries around the world who have banned it because of its negative side effects on health. If people wish to take Sodium Fluoride as a supplement, they can do so of their own accord, such as by purchasing Fluoride toothpaste.  We do however recommend organic, toxin-free toothpastes be used, some of which contain a naturally occurring "Calcium Fluoride", which is far safer than sodium fluoride.

13). We will ban all GMO’s shown to cause harm whether to people, animals or the environment, and we will thoroughly test all other GMO’s.  Any GMO that has been thoroughly tested by independent agencies and shown to be completely benign, may only be grown in appropriately sealed greenhouses so as to prevent any GMO seeds/pollen from cross contaminating any other wild or cultivated plant life.  Any food or beauty product containing GMO’s must be appropriately labelled.  This policy extends to all imported products as well.

14). We will hold food producers and manufacturers accountable for toxins in their food.

15). Ensure that all forms of medication require informed consent and can never be mandatory.

16). We will help to nurture a culture of community respect in regards to preventing the spread of illness.  Just as the Japanese willingly wear face masks in public when ill so as not to spread their illness to others, as part of a community effort to help reduce the spread of disease, we will encourage a similar approach to self-quarantine.

17). We will establish a new government health policy advisory board that will be populated by a diverse range of legitimate medical and health practitioners and experts.  We will no longer allow the pharmaceutical industry to dominate control or influence over such government advisory boards, whether in relation to therapeutic goods, foods, or any other matter related to health.  We will also review Australia’s role with foreign food or medical product administrations such as America's FDA, the WHO, Codex Alimentarius and other regulatory or advisory bodies.

18). We will re-organise the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to ensure that special interests (such as pharmaceutical companies) will have no ability to influence independent determinations.  This may include investigating individual TGA researchers and scientists for any potential associations with special interests whether direct or indirect. The TGA will also be required to accept and consider all submissions from the public in relation to any adverse reaction to a drug, vaccine or medicine whether of an immediate, short term or long term nature.

The TGA will be re tasked primarily as an advisory body, not as a regulatory body.  Its primary mission will be to provide independent, unbiased, truthful in depth analysis and evaluation of all drugs, medications, vaccines, and other therapeutic goods.  Members of the public will be able to access all TGA advisories at any time, both the full exhaustive analysis, and a shortened brief version.  

As part of our right to be fully informed, all medical practitioners and drug dispensaries will have a legal duty to provide everyone with a TGA produced product “brief” that will provide a short description of all known side effects and adverse reactions, the statistical effectiveness of the product, and any other relevant implications or facts so that the patient can make a fully informed decision and thus take full responsibility for their choice to use the product.  

19). We will overhaul and amend the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) to become the National Health Products Discounting Scheme (NHPDS), to include a range of alternative and natural therapeutic goods that can be provided at a discounted rate for people in need. The Scheme will also include the implementation and use of a national reporting database, to prevent people from “shopping doctors”, and buying multiple prescriptions.

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