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Modern Australia is a great nation, built from the blood, sweat and tears of immigrants. Since 1788, when European immigrants arrived and joined the first Australians, the original sovereign people of this land, who themselves immigrated here many thousands of years earlier, we have to this very day been developing our own unique Aussie culture. We are proud of our modern day culture, which is predominately based upon an Anglo-Celtic heritage with a Westminster system of government, Judaeo-Christian values, enriched with a measure of various other cultures, particularly from across the Asia Pacific region.

Australia has proven to be one of the most successful models of multi-ethnic integration. This is primarily because over the long years, particularly in the absence of our current generous system of welfare payments to new arrivals, immigrants from non-western cultures really had little choice but to make every effort to learn English, get a job, give deference to the predominate Judaeo-Christian based laws, traditions and heritage, and do their best to integrate into the developing tolerant, peaceful secular society that is Australia today.

Within the context of the relatively successful integration we have seen, and the social cohesion that has taken so long to mature, we are blessed to have been enriched by these various ethnic minorities who have given us of their culture, whilst having largely absorbed and assimilated western values. Thus, the key to our success has been the willingness of immigrants of minority cultural backgrounds to assimilate and integrate into the laws and culture of our modern western secular society, and our nation’s disinclination to conform to the laws and culture of minority immigrants.

To ensure the continued success of our society as a nation of integrated immigrants, the ASP proposes the following immigration policies:

1. The total number of immigrants that will be permitted into Australia every year will be based strictly upon our ability to provide sufficient housing and infrastructure, such that no indisposition of overcrowding is created upon current residents, or undue inflationary effects on property prices.

2. When approving or rejecting visa applications from potential immigrants, the immigration department shall make determinations based on an applicant’s demographic background, taking into consideration statistics and other relevant information and evidence as to their ability to integrate successfully and peacefully into our modern Western secular society and culture.

Applicants that come from any demographic that have statistically proven their ability to successfully and peacefully integrate, will be given greater priority over applicants who come from any demographic that statistically do not integrate well into modern Western societies, despite the date of their application. Applicants that also have verifiable qualifications or trade skills that are in high demand in Australia will also be given highest priority.

3. All adult immigrant applicants will need to demonstrate a basic level of written and spoken English. It is incumbent upon any would-be immigrants from non-English speaking countries (which include non-English speaking western countries) to have sought after this basic English education themselves, as doing so proves their willingness to integrate and become a successful member of Australian society.

4. All adult immigrant applicants will need to pass an exam that proves they have an adequate understanding of basic Australian laws, culture and history. Where access to online resources may be limited, embassies and visa application centres can make available printed study guides in both English and the local language sufficient to allow the applicants to pass the exam.

5. All adult immigrant applicants will need to sign a contract, affirming that they will respect Australian culture, obey and uphold Australian laws, and will not seek to impose any foreign system of law, or cultural or religious edicts that may cause any level of contention with the wider Australian public.

6. When an applicant is successful, but before being granted their visa, all adult immigrants of working age (or the head of a family unit where relevant), must first seek after, and provide evidence of a verifiable job offer in Australia. The exception to this rule is when an applicant can demonstrate sufficient savings to cover all living costs for themselves and their families for a period of 10 years.

The regular requirement for all applicants shall be to demonstrate sufficient savings to meet basic living costs for a period of 2 years, unless fully sponsored by an Australian citizen or company, which can demonstrate their ability to provide for the immigrant and their family for a period of at least 2 years.

7. With respect to the requirement for a job offer, depending on the labour requirements and need for certain qualified professionals in various regional centres, immigrants may be required to take up residency in these regional centres for a period of at least 2 years.

8. Depending on an immigrant’s demographic background, in order to help them better assimilate into Australian society and to prevent “enclaves”, a condition may be imposed that will require them to find accommodation for the first 4 years that is well outside of areas known to be segregated concentrations of their related ethnic minority.

9. If a temporary resident is convicted of a violent offence, their visa shall be cancelled immediately, they shall serve the sentence imposed, and then be deported. If a permanent resident is convicted of a violent offence, they shall serve their sentence, and once released, their permanent residency status shall be relegated back to that of temporary resident, and the former rule shall then apply if they commit a second offence. A waiting period of 2 years will apply before permanent residency status may be re-obtained.

However, depending on the severity of any crime, violent or otherwise, committed by a permanent resident, a jury may vote to cancel their visa (taking into consideration the effect it may have on their family), in which case they shall serve their sentence, then be deported. An immigrant who takes up citizenship after 4 years, will be on probation for an additional period of 6 years.  If they commit a violent offence whilst on probation, a jury can vote to cancel their citizenship. They will serve their sentence, and have their status downgraded back to permanent resident.

10. To help encourage immigrants to fully adopt Australia as their own and to assist in their integration into Australian society; when permanent residency status is granted after having lived in Australia for 2 years, all adult immigrants under the age of 40 will be required to undertake the Citizens Service Scheme. An exemption may be granted if their absence from their regular employment may cause unjustifiable consequences.

11. To help dissuade people from having divided loyalties, Australia will not permit dual citizenships anymore. To be granted Australian citizenship, a renouncement must be made of former citizenship status. All permanent residents must seek to apply for full Australian Citizenship after no more than 10 years from their first entry.

12. Should extended family members of Australian permanent residents wish to be permanently settled in Australia with their family, they must be fully sponsored, and points 3-5, 9-11 will apply. The basic written and spoken English requirement will be partially relaxed for elderly immigrants, but they must still demonstrate the bare essentials of spoken English. These conditions will also apply to immigrant spouses of Australian born citizens.

13. Apart from exceptional circumstances, immigrants will not be eligible for any welfare until they have lived in Australia for at least 4 years, and been granted Australian citizenship. Disability and senior pensions will only be available to immigrants who have lived in Australia for at least 10 years, including the spouses of Australian born citizens.

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Comment by Owen on March 12, 2016 at 8:56

The vetting of immigrants into our country is so important. If they come here they have to embrace Australian culture or it just will not work.

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