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Quality modern infrastructure is essential for a nation's economy to thrive, and for the freedom and ease of daily life. An ASP government, by reinvesting public funds back into roads, rail, air and sea ports, utilities, and other infrastructure, will actually be doing what it is supposed to be doing.

The government has no business in trying to control and regulate every facet of people lives, and they have no business in regulating the free operation of the market. The government's job, we believe, is to wisely invest public funds to provide services, infrastructure and utilities that make the daily lives of all Australians (individuals, families, and businesses) better and more productive.

Thanks to the ASP Monetary Policy which is possibly the single most important piece of public policy that could ever be implemented by a sovereign nation state, we will have more than $120 Billion on hand per annum to invest into infrastructure, or more than $3 trillion over the next 25 years. To put that level of spending into context, the federal government has only invested a miserly $42 billion on roads and rail for the last 25 years combined.  The ASP could invest 3 times that amount in just one year alone, and never have to indebt the nation to bankers.  The potential for what we can do and build as a nation is astounding.

An ASP Stewardship (Government) will head up the greatest infrastructure and nation building projects that this country has ever seen, making even the Snowy River Project pale into insignificance. We will have the funds, the integrity and the initiative to do what must be done for the sake of our prosperous future. In our provision of infrastructure for the people the ASP will do the following:

1). We will commence construction of the greatest water storage system and pipeline ever built from the northern water soaked regions to the dryer southern areas of Australia. We will bring an abundance of water to where it is needed, and drought proof Australia. This investment, this capital, will be in the hands of the Australian people, not for the profit of private interests.

The pumping stations can be powered by new solar collector power stations that take advantage of the strong sunshine that bakes the outback of Australia. Such a massive project will provide thousands of jobs, help stimulate the economy, and provide a massive boost to Australian farms.

We will also build dams as necessary right across Australia to ensure long term storage is sufficient to endure even lengthy droughts that may affect the whole continent.  Any negative environmental impact of dam building will be more than offset by the ASP’s greening of the deserts, tree planting program, the ability to utilise more water to improve public and private parks and gardens, and other environmental policies.

ESTIMATED COST $80 Billion ($10 billion a year over an 8 year period)

2). Along the route the major water pipeline takes, we will construct beautiful new towns and high tech green cities in the outback. We will make our push to reclaim much of the desert areas by initiating the greatest tree planting program the world has ever seen, and will open up vast areas for agriculture, and for population growth potential. To assist in this great endeavour to green our deserts, we will have a willing and capable labour force at hand to help in this great task, provided by the Environment Corps within our Citizens Service Scheme.

3). We will build a high tech Mag Lev train capable of speeds up to 600km/h to connect Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, and Rockhampton to Cairns, with a number of stops in between to service regional towns.  The scope of this project is enormous, and will help to generate tens of thousands of jobs over the life of the project. We may serious also look into vacuum tube style maglav trains that can theoretically achieve speeds beyond 1000km/h. 

We understand that this incredible piece of infrastructure will affect the airline industry, but we can make no apologies, since this project will help to reduce the sizable pollution created by air travel, and will be of immense benefit to all Australians.  The ASP will ensure that any jobs lost in the airline industry will be easily absorbed into other areas of the economy.

ESTIMATED COST $145 billion. (Roughly $15 Billion a year over a 10 year period)

4). We will fund additional expansive upgrades and extensions to heavy and high-speed rail to connect the rest of Australia, particularly to improve the capacity to efficiently transport goods and commodities across the nation, reducing pressure and congestion on the roads network. We will also greatly improve, expand and upgrade metropolitan train and tram networks, including improvement of rolling stock, crossings and stations.

(Committed to $15 billion a year as necessary.)

5). We will commence with a colossal investment into clean renewable energy to power 100% of Australia’s needs.  This unprecedented, vast Australia wide clean energy project will include the following:

a). A complete and total roll out of residential and business roof top solar systems, backed up by modern long lasting battery storage systems that will help reduce the reliance upon the grid and inefficient long distance transmission lines. 

These solar/battery systems, which must be 100% Australian made, and installed onto private properties, will be a unique type of public infrastructure, in that it will be installed for free onto all private properties, but will continue to belong to the public.  The power used will be charged for at a nominal rate of 15c/kWh, until such a time as the home/business owner decides to purchase the system back from the public, which if they do, they will be able to sell excess power into the grid for 12c/kWh. 

b). For base load power, we will build a diverse range of renewable power plants that include grid scale photovoltaic and thermal solar power plants, wind turbines, tidal/wave generators, geo-thermal, hydro-electric and more.  Just as important, we will invest in grid scale UPS (un-interrupted power supply) storage systems that complement the vast array of intermittent renewable power generators, which include giant battery storage units, large scale kinetic flywheel batteries, molten salt thermal storage units, and more.

We will also look at including 4th generation Thorium Molten Salt Reactors to complement the base power load infrastructure. These reactors are 100% safe, and can even help to process and eliminate most existing stocks of nuclear waste.  Thorium is found in incredible abundance right throughout nature.  In addition, we will provide heavy funding into Nuclear Fusion technology, with the aim to have working fusion reactors in place by the end of the 30 year typical life span of the renewable energy systems.

We will also look into a solar roads initiative. There are new developments in modular road segments that have built in solar panels, LED lights and pressure sensors. 

c). We will heavily invest in an Australian battery electric vehicle (car/bus/truck)  industry whilst developing and or securing intellectual property rights to better battery chemistries that are both environmentally friendly, and which will allow vehicles to have extended ranges beyond 1000km per charge.  As part of this venture, we will invest in the roll out of rapid charging stations right across Australia that can be located in shopping centre and local street car parks, road houses along major highways, and any other appropriate and convenient locations.

ESTIMATED COST $320+ Billion (committed to $40 billion a year over 8 years)

6). The ASP will re-acquire all public utilities, toll roads, and air and sea ports. Toll roads to be made free, utilities to be run as not for profit, providing high quality service and reliability to the public.  We will continue to roll out the NBN at an accelerated rate.

The privatisation of publicly owned utilities has been a great evil against the hard working Australians who paid for and built these utilities long ago. Privatisation has only lead to a reduction in quality, and a rise in prices for these essential services such as gas and electricity, as these private companies are duty-bound to increase profits for their shareholders.

All infrastructure and utilities that are essential to life, and the productivity of the economy, should be owned by the people, for the people. An ASP government, as good and faithful stewards, will re-nationalise these utilities, and re-invest the funds required to properly maintain and upkeep these services, while selling the water, gas and electricity to customers at a much lower rate, and providing public transport at a lower cost (free to all senior pensioners).

(Commitment to $10 billion a year until all privately owned utilities, toll roads, air and sea ports have been acquired.)

7). A $30 billion investment per year into improving, expanding and upgrading roads and highways, with no need to charge vehicle registration fees, or fuel taxes.

There are many other infrastructure projects that the ASP can and will fund, even beyond the budget established via the monetary policy. For example, an additional $100 Billion a year will become available once the ASP has paid off the debts raked up by foolish Liberal and Labor governments.  Additionally, the economic stimulus created will lead to greater debit taxation revenues and productivity increases which will lead to an increase in the revenues available.

It is highly likely that with so many major infrastructure projects concurrently being built, the available skilled labour in Australia will be lacking, even with heavy investment into trade schools.  In such as case, Australia will have to rely on skilled immigration to help meet the labour demand. 

All immigrants who apply to come and work on these infrastructure projects will need to meet all the requirements as set out in our Immigration Policy. In addition, these immigrants will be required to pass strict tests of competency before being permitted to work alongside other Australian construction workers, as per our Workers and Labour Unions Policy.

The economic stimulus provided by these major infrastructure initiatives is likely incalculable, and the hundreds of thousands of jobs created will help to ensure Australia will maintain a true 100% employment rate, particularly when the additional and very significant economic stimulus of our Tax policy is taken into consideration.

These infrastructure projects will radically alter the face of Australia as we know it, and change all our lives for the better.  Under an ASP stewardship, Australia will become the most technologically advanced, greenest, cleanest, safest, most innovative and wealthy nation in the world.

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