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This is more than just a website. It is a fully-tiered and dynamic, web-based NETWORK with multi-level membership facilities, multiple subject-oriented forums, committee and non-committee groups, multimedia creation, publishing and sharing tools and a great many other features that literally make possible a "new way of living".

We encourage you, as an ASP member ,  to make your online "home" here.

Your membership in the ASP gives you a personal page that can be fully customised for you to express your True Self, your voice, your hopes and your dreams.

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The ASP is the ONLY Australian political party employing this kind of interactive framework for our online operations.

It is our intention that this network becomes the foundation for a new form of government that faithfully carries out the will of the Australian people.

For a very long time, there has been no system in place to even determine what the people of Australia want, let alone enact it. Decision making that directly affects this country and its people has been in the hands of a few for way too long and this has been clearly reflected in our plummeting collective standard of living.

Correcting this state of affairs is the primary directive of the ASP.

Had we this system back in the 70's, we might well have prevented the virtual destruction of Australian local business arising from our participation in the Lima Agreement of 1975. At that time, many foresaw the disastrous repercussions this agreement would have, but were powerless to voice their concerns. It is our hope that this kind of national blunder is never repeated.

We have known for some time that it is imperative we ALL started combining our talents and abilities to create a better future for ourselves and the children of the future - but until now, the means to achieve this has not been available.

We are making this party's network a place where ALL our members concerns and issues, their suggestions and experience, their wisdom and capabilities are properly recognised and assimilated into the overall party mission.

We are endeavouring to do this by:

1. Keeping our policies open for amendment and adjustment according to the feedback we receive from our members either directly or via our committees.

2. Establishing sub-committees for all government departments and encouraging members to join these groups and contribute to their operations and determinations.

3. Encouraging minor political or single-issue parties to join us as a whole, adding their weight to ours whilst simultaneously increasing their potential exposure to our greater audience.

4. Seeking out people from all walks of life and working out better ways of allowing them to contribute their talents and abilities to the network in the most efficient and satisfying ways.

5. Continually looking for new methods of creating synergy and wherever possible, incorporating the latest innovations in information technology to increase the usability and functionality of this network

6. Using this network as a trial platform for Citizens Initiated Referenda

Here in the ASP network, if you want to talk to the President, The Vice President, The Secretary or any Committee Chairperson, you can do just that. You will not be met with some attempt to fob you off or discourage your inquiries. We WANT to talk to you and know you. We can no longer afford to be swayed by the forces of separation and instead, must unite and act AS ONE in determining our future.  

Of course, there will be a percentage of people who, for whatever reasons, do not wish to - or simply cannot - take part in the management of our national affairs however, the least we can do is make it possible for those who do.

All over the globe, people are waking up and working to change things for the betterment of all. A new consciousness is beginning to pervade the global mind. If we can achieve our objective, we could make Australia a shining example to the rest of the world!

JUST IMAGINE where we could be if all the impediments to our progress were removed!

For myself personally, this is the stuff dreams are made of - and I know for a FACT that with enough caring attention, dreams can come true. The way to achieve that is to simply start living as if they had already done so.

Here, in the ASP, we can start doing just that.

For Truth, Freedom and Justice!

Michael Goebel

ASP Network Administrator

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Comment by Michael-H: Goebel Network Admin. on April 8, 2016 at 22:35

Thanks, Stu. "Give me control of a country's spirit - and I care not who controls its currency" ♥

Comment by Dr. Stu Jemesen on April 8, 2016 at 22:00

Nice one Michael..Love the heart and Mind you share with everyone...THAT for a starter is nothing you will find in any other PARTY..;-) 

Comment by Michael-H: Goebel Network Admin. on April 8, 2016 at 15:37

Thank you, John :-)

Comment by John Arceneaux on April 8, 2016 at 14:22
Very well written

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