Our Philosophy

The ASP is a party for independently minded individuals. Individuals who can research without fear, who can reason, who can openly discuss, and finally - who can draw conclusions regardless of whether such conclusions are anathema to the mainstream media.

We believe that as human beings we have inalienable rights (i.e. they are part of us and cannot be transferred or repudiated). We in turn delegate only a limited number of our rights to our government. Consequently - the government has limited powers to act as our agent and servant.

We believe that our government has 3 primary roles:

  • To protect the weak from the strong.
  • To protect our rights, property and liberties.
  • To create, issue and control our national currency for our benefit.

We recognise that the ASP is not the source of all knowledge - but we are the home of people who are tired of the lies of politicians and the obfuscation of the media. We encourage all our members to read widely and to question everything.

We are strongly biased towards the inalienable right of individuals - as opposed to the communal right of groups. History shows us time and time again that when people subjugate their personal rights for the "greater good" - tyranny ensues with personal liberties and property stripped away.

The Australian Sovereignty Party believes that:

  • Australians should be governed in a just and fair manner - under a more direct form of government that should bend to the will of its electors.
  • Australians can become financially secure - with the implementation of an honest monetary system, and with smart and frugal economic policies.
  • Australians should not be asked to pay unnecessary taxes – and any tax system should be simple and fair.
  • Australians should be the "supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable authority" in Australia (as our fore-fathers stated) – with the government only acting on a limited mandate they receive at the polls.
  • Politicians and public servants should act as agents of the people - with limited powers and fully accountable to those who pay their wages (i.e. us).
  • An Australian "Bill of Rights" should be instituted - to secure our natural and inalienable rights for all time.
  • The Australian government should be limited in its scope and power - and stop intruding into the lives of ordinary citizens.
  • The Australian government should simplify our laws and regulations, and ensure that everyone plays on a "level playing field".
  • The Australian government should provide more impartial information to the public - to assist in personal decision making.
  • Bureaucratic red-tape should be minimised or abolished (where possible) - as it stunts entrepreneurship and places an unnecessary burden on small-to-medium sized businesses.
  • Australia should not stand by idly - while our manufacturing and agriculture base is moved offshore to countries that pay slave wages and damage the environment. "Free trade" is not "fair trade".

Most Australians want a "fair go" in their sporting lives, and also in their economic lives. This concept is deeply ingrained within the psyche of most Australians. If a sufficient number of Australians adopt the beliefs given above - then that desire for a "fair go" stands a good chance of being manifested in their lives and in the lives of their children.

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