Pensioners Policy

ASP Policy on Pensioners - Ageing, the Disabled, and Sole Parents.

“A test of a people is how it behaves toward the old. It is easy to love children. Even tyrants and dictators make a point of being fond of children. But the affection and care for the old, the incurable, the helpless are the true gold mines of a culture.” - Abraham J. Heschel

We, at the Australian Sovereignty Party, honour our elders, and find that the wealth of experience and time-tempered wisdom that they can offer to society is invaluable.  The Australian Sovereignty Party will try our utmost to make a significant improvement in the quality of the lives of all our elderly citizens.

Regarding our provision of health and other care services for elderly Australians, this is an area that desperately needs improvement. We find it absolutely appalling and upsetting to observe the lack of care, respect and dignity afforded to our senior citizens. It is downright abominable the way in which the elderly have been treated by the government and by society, especially as they have worked hard their entire lives to build this country, they deserve so much better.

The ASP commends and appreciates the people who have contributed to building Australia into the beautiful and prosperous country it is today. In recognition of their achievements and efforts, retirement should be a time to look forward to where more opportunities and new and wonderful experiences await.

 “Old age, especially an honoured old age, has so great authority, that this is of more value than all the pleasures of youth.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Our senior citizens will always remain proud members of society and deserve our appreciation and our respect. They must be protected at all times and feel safe among our community.  The Australian Sovereignty Party will do the following:

  • Implement our monetary and taxation policies which will greatly improve and benefit not only all seniors, but the entire Australian community as a natural consequence.
  • Ensure free public transport to all seniors and disability pensioners.
  • Significantly increase the Senior and Disability pension rate by $412, bringing it to $1200 per fortnight, and make it available to all seniors, with no means testing, and no reductions for spouses. A retired senior couple will both receive their full pension.
  • On top of this far more amiable pension rate, as per our Resources Wealth Policy, every citizen will receive a dividend payment upwards of $7000+ every year on their birthday.
  • Make funds available to disabled citizens regardless of age requiring mobility equipment, wheelchair access ramps, and home modifications including temperature control systems depending on the level of disability.
  • Offer senior citizen pensioners the opportunity to voluntarily remain in the workforce where they can earn up to $1000 per fortnight without means testing, or affecting their pension.  Pension payments will reduce by $0.50 in the dollar for any money earned over the $1000/fortnight threshold.
  • To develop strategies by which seniors may re-engage in society in a way that benefits everyone.
  • Encourage people with milder disabilities to engage wherever possible in the workforce. Under ASP economic policies where full employment is a strong likelihood, companies will be very amenable to the disabled, as they will need to attract all the workers they can get.
  • We hope to see many of our senior citizens choose to provide further assistance to the community where their skills and wisdom can be preserved and passed onto where it is needed the most; teaching respect to the young, mentoring, assisting community centres, participating in outdoor activities such as horticulture, garden and parks maintenance, scientific research or providing technical and professional industry training services etc. Whether full or part time participation, it is up to the individual and appropriate remuneration will be provided alongside the pension without means testing.
  • All aged care homes and retirement villages will be remodelled into a more intelligent and vastly modernised community based system of care that embraces a higher respect for freedom, dignity, personal space and offers far-improved living conditions that wont separate couples or confine them to the outdated “nursing home concept”.
  • Increase the penalties for perpetrators who target the elderly to improve security and provide a safer environment for all seniors and impose severe penalties and jail sentences for nursing home and aged care facility operators to help eradicate breaches of conduct and improper or indecent management practices.
  • Provide better conditions and remuneration for family related carers with periodic annually funded respite breaks.
  • Allow superannuation to be accessed and spent however people choose without being penalised by Centrelink or have their pension reduced or removed.
  • Sole parents will be able to receive a pension while their children are under the age of 24 months, but will be highly encouraged to participate in the type of work arrangements that will become available under ASP economic policies, such as with large companies who choose to provide free in house child care facilities in order to attract more staff, allowing young parents to have regular contact with their children whilst working. This will be necessary in an economy with full 100% employment, as companies will need to do everything they can to attract and retain employees.
  • As ASP economic policies will create an environment where full employment will be a reality, there will be little need for long term financial support for job seekers.  However, in the case where a person has lost their job, and may be struggling to find other employment (which will be highly unlikely), temporary job seeker welfare payments will be available for up to 4 weeks.  If after 4 weeks appropriate work has not been found, the choices will be to join the Citizens Service Scheme, engage in an RTO or TAFE training course to up-skill (welfare payments will continue whilst undertaking full time study), or apply to the local council for temporary work (Councils will be empowered to create temporary job positions for welfare recipients, such as cleaning council run toilets, picking up rubbish, removal of weeds and general gardening).

As a general note, the ASP will not be providing continuous dole payments to perfectly capable people who choose not to work or study (apart from their Resources Wealth dividend).  There will be ample employment opportunities, and the Citizens Service Scheme will be open for all.

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.” - Gabriel Garcia Marquez 

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