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“The Right of private property is the guardian of every other Right, and to deprive the people of this, is in fact to deprive them of their Liberty!” - Arthur Lee

Private property ownership and the rights associated with private property are fundamental to a free society.  Over the past few decades, our private property rights have been incrementally stripped away, just as all our other basic freedoms are concurrently being undermined.  The Australian Sovereignty Party is determined to immediately reverse this tyrannical trend, and will fight hard to restore true private property rights. 

Local councils have seditiously and treasonously been implementing the United Nations Agenda 21 and “Smart Growth”, which has effectively been stripping away the rights of farmers, and people who wish to dwell in rural areas. It has also had an effect on urban growth boundaries, and property owners who are being prevented from selling or using their property, due to arbitrarily imposed “environmental overlays”, “Heritage Listings” or other restrictions of use.

“The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property!” - Karl Marx

To ensure private property rights are upheld, the Australian Sovereignty Party will do the following:

  • We will immediately furnish all private property owners with their “Fee Simple” Estate full allodial title deed.  The sole restriction to this full allodial right will be that if any substantial minable quantity of mineral resources are discovered at a depth beyond 1 meter, the mineral wealth will be considered property of the Australian people, and may be subject to being developed as per the ASP Natural Resource Wealth Policy, with fair and just compensation being awarded to the property owner, which may include royalties.
  • We will immediately terminate all foreign international treaties and agreements that pertain to private property ownership and use, such as UN Agenda 21.
  • We will immediately place restrictions on local councils from exercising dictatorial controls over the use of private property.
  • As part of our tax policy, we will abolish council rates and stamp duties.
  • We will never put taxes or levies on rain water collected by farmers or any private property owners.
  • Rural private property owners will be free to exercise full rights over their properties, including but not limited to the removal and/or use of trees or tree branches, the right to build dams and collect rain water (within reason), the right to build as many structures (such as barns and sheds) in which ever location they desire, and the right to subdivide.
  • Metropolitan private property owners will also be granted much greater freedoms, but where relevant, must continue to respect covenants they have signed with private land developers in respect to the general design and placement of their homes etc. The ASP will however work with land developers to ensure covenants are not being made too restrictive in future.
  • The laws of trespass will be upheld, and private property owners will have full rights to the use of reasonable force to remove any unwelcomed parties.
  • As part of an inclusion into an Australian Bill of Rights, “Castle laws” will be upheld. Private property owners may employ the use of force, up to and including deadly force to defend their lives, their family, and to defend their property and goods from assailants and intruders.


On Foreign Ownership of Land

As a matter of national sovereignty, we will make laws pertaining to land ownership in Australia.  If elected, the ASP will immediately legislate that only an Australian citizen, or an Australian based company (with at least 51% Australian shareholders) may purchase freehold title to any Australian land.  A temporary or permanent resident, until granted citizenship, may only hold title on up to 50 acres in rural areas, and up to 1 acre in suburban areas. 

To deal with the issue of existing foreign ownership of Australian land, we propose the following:

  • Foreigners or foreign companies that currently own Australian properties (including rural properties, farms and suburban or city dwellings) will be given a 10 year period of grace in which to sell their properties to an Australian citizen, or to a majority Australian owned company.  
  • After this 10 year period of grace, if foreigners have not sold their property, the government may choose to take title possession of the property and provide reasonable and just compensation. An exemption to this rule may be considered on a case by case basis where foreign owned companies have existing offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses or factories on properties listed in industrial or commercial zoned areas.
  • Another option open to a foreigner currently owning land is for them to apply to take up residency in Australia (as per all requirements listed in our immigration policy) and then apply to become an Australian citizen as soon as eligible.  If they take up this option within the 10 year grace period, they can keep their land.
  • To ensure the spirit of this law is upheld, an investigative unit will be empowered to ascertain whether foreigners (individuals or companies) are attempting to own land by proxy by transferring title to Australian citizens who are bound under contract or oath to allow all such privileges and rights of ownership to aforementioned foreigners.
  • In such cases where it can be determined that the land is being held in proxy, or if a foreign company is attempting to flout these laws by setting up Australian holding companies, the Government may immediately take possession of the land and provide compensation, minus any fine that may be imposed by a jury for acting deceitfully against the public.
  • As per our Natural Resource Wealth Policy, all on shore and offshore mines and mineral/hydrocarbon deposits, whether foreign owned or Australian owned, will be nationalised. 

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Comment by Phyllus on September 16, 2016 at 15:40

I meant common law lol

Comment by Chris of Masters on September 16, 2016 at 13:11

There is no such jurisdiction.

Comment by Chris of Masters on September 15, 2016 at 18:54

We should look at words, they are very important. Citizen is someone who is employed by the Government or tasked with providing Governamental services.

Vast majority of us are Australian Nationals aka Denizens. The trick is on: when answering the question 'Are you Australian Citizen'? we answer in affirmative. This puts us into contracting to be a citizen.

Unwittingly we confirm our citizen-ship jumping head on in maritime jurisdiction. Alternatively when asked what nationality we are, we confirm to be Australian Nationals.

Comment by Phyllus on September 14, 2016 at 21:41

I have a couple of things to add: It should be enshrined in a Bill of Rights as it is in the Magna Carta that no Government worker can come into the home without a warrant, whether they be police, inspector for local Government, health inspector or otherwise, and getting a warrant is subject to strict requirements. Also, I would like Child Protection workers being disbarred from entering the home. If a child is in such serious trouble as to benefit from social workers working with the family, it can all be determined without entering someone's home, and there is nothing to gain from working with people in the home. Parenting classes are run from other locations, as can everything else be.

Comment by Phyllus on May 2, 2016 at 20:26
Comment by John Huntley on March 19, 2016 at 12:12

and can a facility be inserted in these comments for editing. 
But when ASP obtain Government Agenda 21 will be no more NOR will most of our treaties with them  Like the refugee convention Human Rights convention run by OIC   Oh it is going to be fun

Comment by John Huntley on March 19, 2016 at 12:09

Well there used to be a condition for subdivision where by the family home and about upto 5 acres could be subdivided for retirement but successive governments in the (lack) of wisdom stopped that. If that condition was reintroduced it would preserve the majority of the land and allow the retiring farmers to sell the rest and still live in their house

Comment by Daniel Huppert - ASP Founder on March 19, 2016 at 10:02
John, thank you for expressing your concerns. Currently, if many rural property owners were able to subdivide, it actually might work in favour of producing more agricultural developments on prime farming land.

Consider a retired couple who own 50,000 acres of prime land, they are getting too old to run their property, but don't want to leave it either. They want to improve their standard of living in their retirement by selling off 80% their land. There is an organic farmer willing to buy the land, but the council won't allow it because of "environmental overlays", and because they cannot subdivide.

You see John, subdivision is a way of bringing in more hands, or owners onto existing properties, thereby increasing the liklihood that the land will be put to better, more productive use. There is no shortage of prime agricultural land, and to use it for farming will be something highly encouraged and incentivised (no taxes remember) by an ASP government. But you see, under Agenda 21, the government do not want more people living in rural areas as it is designed to crowd everyone into cities where they have more control over the population.
Comment by John Huntley on March 19, 2016 at 9:26
And this comment section does not work well on a phone
Comment by John Huntley on March 19, 2016 at 9:25
I have a concern with the ability to subdivide especially on prime agricultural land there are far too many 5 to 30acres blocks that produce nothing apart from weeds

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