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Photos from inside chemtrail planes (?)

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A while back, disinformation artists put out a whole bunch of photos on the net ostensibly showing the insides of chemtrail planes. I asked a friend of mine who works in the RAAF to check them out as…Continue

“Bloody crazy”: River near fracking site bursts into flames in Australia (VIDEO)

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A Queensland river near a fracking site exploded into flames after a coal seam gas (CSG) protester sparked a kitchen lighter above the water surface.Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham uploaded dramatic…Continue



My name is Michael Goebel and I am the ASP Network Administrator and Chairman for the Science Committee.
For decades, I have been deeply concerned about the management of Australia and it is my heartfelt wish that this network will be the foundation upon which we can build that country we have all dreamed possible.

For Truth, Freedom and Justice
Michael Goebel
Australian Sovereignty Party


Having always had a great interest in science since I was around 7 years of age, this carried on through my school years and even before I did my HSC, my work had already begun in the electronics and audio industries. My career subsequently expanded into IT, industrial control and automation engineering and design of equipment for the scientific, medical and industrial sectors. I lived in the Sydney area most of my life and moved to the Central Coast of NSW in 1996, shortly after which I began lecturing Microcomputer Architecture at Newcastle University, then being involved in medical research engineering and afterwards securing a position as technical writer and head of the steering committee for Australia's first FPSO Burner Research Facility.


Ever since I was comparatively young, I have felt uneasy about the direction in which our country was headed.

It all started with the sudden 'disappearance' of Harold Halt in 1967. I was still in primary school. (http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/fact-sheets/fs144.aspx) When the "offical" explanation - that he had drowned - was announced, there was just something about it that seemed a lie. It was my father who pulled the linchpin for the rest of my life when I asked him about it and he replied "Yeah, they probably knocked him off - he was trying to do too much good" Looking back now, I see clearly that it was this seemingly upside down and topy-turvy answer that kicked my brain forevermore unto an awareness of seeing of thes "action/opposite reaction" principle EVERYWHERE I look.

The public is rarely, if EVER consulted on any matters of importance. In fact, many things I had heard were a contradiction that just didn't make any sense to me and like so many people; I became skeptical and disillusioned with Australia’s current political system. Our standard of living is degrading and our foreign debt is increasing right under our noses yet the public is reassured that everything is fine but deep down I knew it was not.

I saw that as time passed, the opinions and concerns of the people became increasingly irrelevant and that our "representatives" gradually assumed the positions of our "leaders". With the benefit of having seen the contrast between the 1960's and the present, witnessing the removal of the Australian Constitution from our school curriculum and a host of other tactics to have it invalidated, together with innumerable other 'sleights of hand' by many agencies, it became blatantly obvious to me that what was once a government has gradually assumed the appearance and function of a dictatorship. The only degree of freedom remaining now is a choice of who is given charge of a severely and purposely compromised system.

Generous sums of money seem to be always available for politicians, election campaigns, overseas aid or ministerial perks but when it comes to the welfare of our own people, there invariably seems to be a distinct shortfall. It is time the government had its priorities right.

I believe that present and past governments have proven that, despite their rhetoric and propaganda, they are not interested in the wants and needs of the Australian people and are instead focused on their own agendas. This has become increasingly obvious over the decades as we have become more and more powerless to control them and with how, even when we voice our strongest disapprovals, we are totally ignored. Finally, we are simply and out rightly lied to.

Today, we have a mountain of problems that require a new approach. We are all working harder and harder in continuously declining living standards - with no apparent relief in sight. Through incredibly poor leadership, the liberal/labor duo is offering even more hardships with continual budget blowout mistakes that the public now have to pay for in the form of bigger tax burdens.

One could understand if there were some great goal or target to be reached that required this temporary excess of sacrifice and contribution, but no such reason is evident. Our education system has been purposely manipulated, our media content strictly filtered to limit awareness, our medical system now just a sales outlet for the pharmaceutical giants and our law system has become a revenue engine. In fact, the more I look at it, the more I see that the actual causes of our woes are the very systems that have been installed to eradicate them.

Meanwhile, the cost of Australian living is rapidly becoming ludicrous and inflation continues to erode our assets. This became overwhelmingly obvious when I first traveled overseas and noticed how Australian’s were paying close to triple the amount on rudimentary items such as food and clothing. No wonder so many people are doing it tough, Australia is a very expensive place to live.

Our local industry has been dealt several severe blows - the most notable being Free Trade Agreements (such as the Lima Agreement, which have devastated our manufacturing industry. If this is allowed to continue, soon we will be facing the same situation as is now plaguing the USA where imports are decimating century old and iconic manufacturing plants that once proudly employed vast sectors of the community.

The ONLY time we ever make true progress is when we all act AS ONE.

All the blogging and discussions and Facebook pages in the world will not make one iota of difference unless we focus our energies into ONE single imperative and give it our ALL.

We can only succeed in implementing the kind of change really needed in Australia is by uniting and sticking together.

We now have a way to make this happen. It was in 2010 that I first met Nik Maljkovic and learned of the Australian Sovereignty Party. Since then, I have seen that the ASP is the ONLY hope for the Australian people and I am therefore pledging my total support to this group.


Michael Goebel

Network Administrator, Australian Sovereignty Party

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The Call To Arms - Part 1

Posted on July 7, 2016 at 19:00 2 Comments

Greetings ASP Members!

Firstly, a BIG Welcome Back to our President - Daniel Huppert - who has returned from the battleground that is today's political arena - having fought for all of us - and who is now needing our help to keep the ASP vision alive.…


Reverse NOTICE

Posted on April 26, 2016 at 9:00 5 Comments

It would seem, from all available evidence, that our legal system is of a corporate nature and not a system of natural LAW supporting sovereign, inalienable rights. It is based on "word trickery" (sometimes referred to as "legalese") with the specific intention of 'bluffing' victims into believing they must comply with it.

This document apparently throws it back at them :-)

Dear Sir,

Please read the following notice thoroughly and…


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At 21:44 on June 9, 2016, Michael Lacey said…

Thanks Michael.

At 12:03 on April 22, 2016, Lou Coppola said…

Wonderful to be on board Michael. So refreshing to experience not only some real 'common sense' thinking, but also truly innovative policies that are way beyond the likes of Turnbull & Shorten.   

At 19:04 on April 18, 2016, Phyllus said…

Micheal, I'd just like to thank you and the ASP committee for forming the ASP and putting in the hard yards to get it off the ground. Thankyou for your policies and being the people you are. Thankyou for having the intellect and mindsets that you possess. Our country needs the ASP. Our people need the ASP. I need the ASP. We need it, our industries need it, our environment needs it, our children need it and our economy needs it. We need the honesty, integrity, courage, the policies and the freedom and common sense while having a Government committed to actually building, running and managing the country, not running it into the ground and taking us down. 

At 10:13 on March 28, 2016, LynD said…

Thanks for the Welcome to ASP. Together we can make Australia great again!

At 10:11 on March 28, 2016, LynD said…

Pleasure to accept your request Michael-H :-)

At 5:06 on March 28, 2016, Elaine Romeo said…

G'day Michael!

Great to be here in this group! I look forward to the forthcoming challenges!



At 9:56 on March 25, 2016, Dave Robinson said…

Hi again Michael,
In response to your question as to where to place me to best effect I would offer this.
In the last years before I retired from the Electricity Industry I was developing and writing Policy and Procedure documents.
Since retirement I have spent a great deal of time editing novels for a friend who has had a couple of novels self published.
From this info I don't know if you can utilise any of my so called skills.
If you can I would be only too happy to oblige.

At 18:12 on March 24, 2016, Michael Nicholls said…
Hi Michael very happy to be a member of ASP thanks to the good people John Garnett and John Blunsdon at TAPPA, for leading me to the best party for Australia and its people.
At 14:31 on March 24, 2016, Robert Walker said…

Hello, Michael.

Thank you for your warm welcome to ASP. I look forward to a long and successful association.


Robert Walker

At 9:10 on March 22, 2016, Dave Robinson said…

Good morning Michael,
Thank you very much for your welcoming email, it is a pleasure to belong to an organisation that recognises the true Aussie battlers of this great country.
I will be doing my utmost to promote the ASP to all and sundry in my daily activities ad telling them to go to the website, read our policies and then make their own mind up as to whether they want to advance Australia or remain in the stagnant pool of the current duopoly.
Thanks again and if there is anything I can do to be of assistance to the organisation, especially in Queensland (Brisbane) just let me know.

Best regards

Dave Robinson  


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